Day 439

Truth Telling

It’s amazing how many people have started using a phrase bandied about by a certain category of elected officials (and others) who seem hell bent on shredding the fabric of intelligence and social decency. I won’t use the words. As someone who studied with some of the most accomplished Journalists in the country at one of the most respected schools of Journalism there was one very simple thing that I was taught. Facts are facts. Full stop. Now people have different views of facts — it’s the whole thing about the five blind men and the elephant.

Oh wait, you don’t know that parable? I suppose I could put a link to it here, but I really like telling the story. So here goes…

You take five blind men and you stand them around an elephant. One at the trunk. One at its ear. One at a leg. One at its side. Another at its tail. You have the blind men reach out and touch the elephant, exploring the part of the enormous creature immediately in front of them. You then ask, “What is an elephant?”

The man by the trunk tells you the elephant is like a snake.

The man by its ear tells you the elephant is like the sail of a ship.

The one by the elephant’s leg tells you this creature is like the trunk of an oak tree.

The one by its side informs you the elephant is like a wall.

The man by the elephant’s tail says that it most resembles a rope.

So … who’s right? From where each man stands, that truth of the elephant is their truth. Thing is, not a single part of it is accurate. The full truth, the “big picture” accuracy of the elephant lies in the aggregate of all those pieces.

And so it is with anything else.

My father always said there are three sides to any story — what I see, what you see and the truth that lies somewhere in between.

So what of these different “kinds” of facts? One might posit that those are nothing more than that … a different perspective. Here’s the thing, those things are false. Those things are fake. In other words, those things are lies.

When I was little I learned that telling lies was wrong. That even if the truth hurt or was hard or that I’d done something wrong, the only response was to tell the truth. If there were consequences to pay, then so be it.

I don’t quite know where I was going with that except that I’m sick and tired of the bullshit.

I can’t wait until this election is over and hopefully when the dust settles we’ll have some changes in place that can start moving the needle on our great nation back in the right direction.

If not I may move to Canada.

Well, except it’s really cold there. So there’s that.

Oh …and this … because … dogs in costumes are awesome. This is the progression of Inigo Montoya first being irritated that his sister had a costume and he didn’t. Then being pissed about his costume and then embracing the ferocity of his dragon.

Today’s Gracious Gratitude. I am grateful for:

  • Dogs in costumes
  • New friends with wicked senses of humor
  • Meeting someone who just returned from doing work overseas that truly humbles me
  • Halloween
  • Dogs in costumes
  • Coffee
  • Avocado (but not with coffee)
  • Politically engagement
  • Dogs in costumes




Raconteur and Silicon Valley expat who’s gone to the dogs … literally. Read more here

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Cathy Brooks

Cathy Brooks

Raconteur and Silicon Valley expat who’s gone to the dogs … literally. Read more here

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