Wasn’t going to post about this today. Figured there would be ample content and many whose stories were “more important” than mine. …

How Humans are Killing Their Dogs

There is a serious problem in the “dog training” world and today I saw a superb post by Tyler Muto that details it. I have copied it below.

People who ignore the fact that dogs need to have some level of aversion in the…

Pandemic Pups: A Cautionary Tale

This morning I saw this article in the New York Times. While on the surface it is a lovely story, and it is great to see that people are seeking professional help, the truth is that there are more people than not using “Dr. Google”…

I have friends and readers, some of whom may be reading this post, whose lives and beliefs align deeply right of mine. As a result their political leanings do as well. Sadly in today’s world we find ourselves cloven in two. You see, there are alleged leaders whose positions of…

Why the Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett Terrifies Me

I have friends who, in 2016, could not fathom why I was worried.

“Don’t be silly,” they said. “Nothing bad will happen.”

One friend, a dear one who happens to be deeply conservative, and I had dinner shortly after the election…

Recently, someone asked me if I was a sports fan.

I said no.

I’m a hockey fan.

To me, there are sports. And then, there is hockey. Born in Philadelphia, PA and weaned on the sport in days that preceded helmets or nets above the glass. The sport I learned…

It’s a Privilege, Not a Right

Okay. So I just came home.

This morning I went to the early voting site near my house, prepared to just drop off my mail in ballot in the box. I’d spent considerable time in the last couple of weeks — reviewing endorsements, talking…

How an Intelligent Questioning of this SCOTUS Nominee Should Go

This is brilliant. Wish I’d written it, but this is way outside my wheelhouse.

The credit for this goes to Bill Svelmoe, Professor of American History at St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN.

Use Your Voice, or Lose It

When I was seven or eight years old my mother took me with her to vote. She had taken me before that, I’m sure, but it was around that time the memory stamped indelibly in my mind is noted.

Our election place was a…

A New Beginning

It seems fitting that today, on Father’s Day, I bring this series to a close. …

Cathy Brooks

Raconteur and Silicon Valley expat who’s gone to the dogs … literally. Read more here https://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/cathybrooks

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